Thursday, 25 April 2013

Skincare - Oils

Skincare - oils
With their high valued fatty acids, oils can help your skin to get revitalized and can boost skin-regeneration. The best oils are the grape-seed oil and the jojoba oil.
The grape-seed oil has firming and tightening effect to recover your skin's surface and strength, while jojoba is the best remedy for dry skins.
Both grape-seed and jojoba oils are *base* oils (or carrier oils), which mean that essential oils are able to be mixed with them, making them out a more effective elixir for your body and senses.

After a bath or shower, when your skin is still wet, massage the oil body-lotion into your skin and 2-3mins later, you can dry yourself with a soft towel. You'll see in just a few days that your skin regained its healthy tone, it will be smooth and firm and feel revitalized. :)

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