Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Skincare - Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar Body-scrub
You can use brown sugar as a body-scrub. When your skin thickens, feels dry and rough, you can easily make a home-made, 100% natural body-scrub to make your skin feel smooth and fresh again. 
Mix brown sugar with any type of oils or honey (see previous oils and honey posts) and make yourself the scrub. Use it while you are showering: smoothe the cream on your skin where the problematic area is - or if you prefer, you can use it throughout your body (but make sure that it won't irritate the more sensitive parts). After the scrubbing, when you finished showering, you can also use a self-made body-lotion (but make sure your skin is not too sensitive for body-lotions after scrubbing, by making a probe on a small area for the first time). After the scrubbing, the oils get deeper into your skin, boosting their regenerating-effect.
You can also check for face-masks made from honey by clicking here. :)

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