Friday, 19 July 2013

Hair Care

What can you do to give the best care to your hair?

You can try to apply "hair masks" or conditioners of course. But did you know that you can make awesome conditioners with coconut oil and olive oil? Yet if your hair endings are damaged, even the best conditioners aren't able to fix your hair. But worry not! A little shortening at a hair-dressers and you're good to go -so for your hair's best interest, start to give them some protection with natural oils. :)

Use bio or herbal shampoo. They can clean your hair and skin much better than normal shampoos do and in the meanwhile, they nourish your hair and skin. Natural ingredients shampoos are able to remove all the stains, hair spays and gels, that you use daily.
One of the best bio shampoo is the *apple cider vinegar with soda bicarbonate*.

Reduce the usage of hairsprays, gels, conditioners and other hair-fixers. These are making your hair heavier and are hard to get washed out. 

Eat healthy.
Healthy food affects your nails and hair's health as much as junkfood ruins it. So, for healthier hair eat lots of fruits and veggies thats are full of vitamins! :)

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