Sunday, 26 January 2014

Pro Guide Direct - Review

Pro Guide Direct
Going out?
Fishing? Camping? Hiking? Are you fascinated by Nature and you'd like to conquer or at least wander through the wilderness?
Pro Guide Direct offers great gear endorsed by pro guides.
You can find the best items whether you want to go for a birdwatch, sleeping out in a tent and fishing, or even to climb a mountain.

When you're out in the wild - even if you just go out for a family weekend or for a picnic, you will need some of the best quality gears from boots to clothes and tents.

Pro Guide Direct was founded on a very simple idea:

*Nothing is more powerful than a personal and expert recommendation.*

Whether it be the places
you go, adventures you seek or things you buy - the endless choices available today are made infinitely easier when someone we know, someone with insider knowledge, offers a little input and real insight. Part personal shopper featuring all top-of-the-line gear guide, Pro Guide Direct is designed to allow professional guides, adventure travel companies and outdoor schools a seamless and convenient way to recommend the best and most appropriate gear to their clients.

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Pro Guide Direct has done all the trial and error for you with their network of guides. They provide only proven gear tested by pro guides. This assures anything you see here is quality gear that will make your trip more enjoyable. Be comfortable braving the elements.

Pro Guide Direct's staff is so great, highly qualified and well informed, that you couln't wish for better and they are there to take you by the hand to teach you and to tell you everything you need to know about going out to the wilderness.

Are you a ProGuide?
Sign up with ProGuideDirect and share your professional recommendations and start taking advantage of all the benefits Pro Guide Direct has to offer.

Visit Pro Guide Direct and discover all the greatness of conquering the wilderness.

Photo: Pro Guide Direct

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