Sunday, 16 February 2014

For Shinier Hair

An everyday question: 
*How to make my hair look healthier and shinier?*
Let us share some awesome tips with you regarding haircare:

#1. Wash you hair, like you were in a SPA - give yourself a lovely massage throughout your scalp. Use only your fingertips - never your nails! After a nice massage, pull your hair gently allover your head, this will also boost the blood circulation and helps your hair grow stronger and faster.

#2. Choose herbal shampoos over chemical-containing shampoos, 'cause honestly, you wouldn't
want to put stuff on your hair and skin that you don't know.

#3. Give your hair an oil-massage once a week. Use coconut, olive or almond oil. Heat the chosen oil a little bit, then gently apply it on your hair and scalp. Do it before or after your regular hairwash.

#4. Eating junkfood and lacking in healthy nutritions, vitamins and minerals, will not only affect your curves and digestive system, but it also affects your skin and hair's health badly. Follow a healthy diet or do detoxing-fasting days monthly.


  1. These are great tips! I do an oil message weekly and it does make my hair shinier and less frizzy.

  2. My hubby and I have been having problems with our hair for the longest time. Hubby's got dandruff and I had a bad case of hairfall. We're thinking of transitioning from commercial shampoos/conditioners to herbal/organic kind. Maybe those chemicals from hair products has been causing the problems all along. Thanks for the useful info. :)