Friday, 28 February 2014

Lime Foam

File:Backyard limes.jpgThis is one of our favourite light dessert. Really refreshing, easy to make and fits into most of the diets!

1 big lime's zest and juice
2 eggs
3 tbsp brown sugar (you can substitute it with birch sugar)
100ml white wine

Take the egg yolks and stir them creamy with the sugar in a cooking pot. Add the lime's juice and zest and the
wine. Keep stirring it with an eggbeater and cook over a low fire, till it's thickish. After it's thickened, take the pot off the stove and put it in icy water for it to cool down. Before serving, whip foam from the egg whites and add it to the lime cream. Stir carefully. Serve it in nice glasses and decorate it with mint leaves or raspberries and strawberries. Yumm.