Thursday, 13 February 2014

TuneCore Infographic

If you're our regular reader, you know that we love and support arts and artists as best as we can. Yes, our main profile is wellness and health yet within wellness, there is also spiritual well-being which you can also find within arts therefore in music too.
TuneCore is an online, digital music distributor for artists from all over the world. The best way to get your music heard, to enlarge your fans circle and to reach out to tons of people worldwide (60 countries) is through them. TuneCore's staff is professional and they are also working with high profile performers like Jay-Z, MGM Studios, Keith Richards, Aretha Franklyn, just to name a few.
The last year for TuneCore Artists was incredibly amazing! Look at the image below (click it to enlarge). TuneCore does everything in their power - and more for their artists. They bring out THE BEST from every band and they won't stop until you succeed. The numbers are growing every year and compared to 2012, last year was a huge milestone for everyone in TuneCore! Yes, 2013 was a year when - as you see - the TuneCore Artists earnings grew with an amazing 19%, whilst the total downloads increased with a breathtaking 174%.
Artists distributing through TuneCore performed at the HOTTEST Music Festivals, on TV, advertisings and more. The Artists have won numerous major industry awards such as the Grammy, the Latin Grammy and GMA Dove Awards!
And why should you join TuneCore?
Let's see what Artists say:
24% says that they support independence.
22% say that they help their music to be heard
20% says that they helping to make money, so that you can make a living out of your passion
13% says that Artists at TuneCore are passionate with music
13% says that they support success
8% says that they help your music heard worldwide
And if it didn't make you sure enough, let us tell you that TuneCore STILL grows.
In 2013, they added new services:
Daily sales trend data
YouTube royalty payments
Sync and Master licensing
Artists partner with TuneCore to sell their music worldwide, collect songwriter royalties, grow their fan base and keep 100% of their sales revenue. In 2013, TuneCore Artists made their mark.

Feeling excited already? We bet you do. Visit TuneCore and sign up with them today and be HEARD.

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