Sunday, 9 March 2014

Herb: Horehound

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Why do we love Horehound and why do we suggest to you to use it?

This wonderful healing plant, that grows on roadsides, in meadows and forests, origins from Europe and Asia. 
Horehound tea is a very effective cure for a sore throat, coughing and a cold. It improves digestion, appetite and metabolism. The blooming endings are used to cure and sooth bile problems.
The tea is also used to heal a wound even if it's inflamed and purulent.

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Sweet Woodruff
Horehound is use to meade out as candy. It tastes like a mixture of Liquorice and Anise. The Horehound candy is also a great way to enjoy the healing benefits. You can buy the candy anywhere today.
In Hungary, the Horehound candy or Medical Horehound Candy is made by
adding chamomile, Narowleaf Plantain, Tiliaceae and Sweet Woodruff, to improve and maximize the healing effect.

To make a tea, you use the plant's upper, blooming parts. You can collect it early summer. Make a brew of it and add honey to it when you drink it. 

Note: In bio-gardening, it's used against flies and worms, that don't like the herb's smell and taste. The tea is sprayed throughout the plants.

Horehound photo: wiki
Sweet Woodruff photo: wiki

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  1. I've never heard of this before! I don't think they can be found here. Good to know, anyway. Thanks!