Thursday, 6 March 2014

Hop, Hop, Hop!

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Skipping rope
You liked to do it as a kid and you can benefit from it as an adult:
Rope jumping can really spin you up and boost your stamina!

Reasons, why you should consider taking the jump rope out from the wardrobe:

1. It improves your balancing and coordination ability and also your rhythm. 
2. It stimulates and moves almost all of your muscles: your legs, arms, core, back and shoulder's muscles.
3. It is a great cardio - fitness: it boosts your blood circulation, your metabolism, therefore it can improve your health and also helps you to lose weight.

4. It improves your lodging resistance and fit level, it improves your movement, you'll become faster and more powerful.
5. Rope jumping has similar results to running, but is more gentle to the joints. 
6. 2x10 minutes a day and you can start seeing results in 6 weeks.

Oh, and let's not forget: You can do it alone on your own schedule, even at home, listening to your fave workout music or watching telly, BUT you can do it with your friends, just as you did as a kid. This is a fun and wonderful way to work out and spend quality time with friends, recalling memories of the good old times! :)

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  1. This brings back many good childhood memories! Isn't it sad you hardly see a kid with a skipping rope these days?
    I would love to rope jump except that I'm incontinent!! TMI! LOL!

  2. Yes jumping rope is great exercise. I haven't done it in years, but you've encouraged me to dig out my daughter's skipping rope and start getting my heart rate up. Thanks for reminding me of this method of exercising.