Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Pills - To Take Or Not To Take

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Vitamin supplement
As you, our dear readers already know, we are against the processed food, and vitamin supplements (not including the herbal and 100% natural pills of course). There are natural ways to keep up and improve your healthy vitamin and mineral levels in your body. However, there are cases, when not for the comfort, but for practical and health-reasons are beside the vitamin and mineral supplements intake. Please don't rush to the local drugstore though.
For example on when to take these supplements, let's say you need omega 3 fatty acid to lower your triglyceride levels and blood pressure, or you'd take it to prevent a cardiovascular disease. So, if you would do a bit of research, you'd find that the omega 3 fatty acid can mostly be found in seafoods.
Let's say you're not a fan of eating seafoods - maybe you're vegetarian, or you're allergic to seafoods so you cannot take any. Now, this is when an omega 3 pill can come to be an acceptable and good alternative source.
File:Rosmarinus officinalis133095382.jpg
Rosemary herb

Let's see some other cases, when you may take a supplement:

Stressy work/ lifestyle: Multivitamins
Smoking: Vitamin C and -E
Workout: Antioxidants, Multivitamins.

Please remember, that there's a cure and alternative medicines for most illnesses and diseases out there, provided by Mother Nature. Fruits, vegetables and herbs can improve your health greatly.

Vitamin Supplements phto: wiki
Rosemary herb photo: wiki

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