Wednesday, 7 May 2014


New Year and the resolutions you made then, are paling away... 
Have you stick by to any of your plans for this year?
If you have, well congratulations then, you are awesome!! *applause* 
If you haven't yet, don't worry. You can STILL start to, whatever your resolution was. You CAN do it.
From early spring to late autumn, or even at winter, there are plenty of places you can discover and wander through. If your resolution was close to living healthier, then you may like the thought and feeling of "the world is my home". 
Going out hiking, camping or just taking a short time in the 'wilderness' will fill you up with positivity, good energy and it will chase the dark and worrying thoughts away from you. Spending as short as 48 hours in Nature, will basically reboot your body to a healthier schedule.

File:Camping by Barriere Lake, British Columbia - 20040801.jpg

Other benefits of camping:

You are surrounded by Nature: good air and beautiful landscapes and not annoying vast amounts of people.
You can meditate easier and better.
You can get anywhere on foot with your backpack on, where you could never go by car.
You can wake up to the beautiful singing of birds in the morning and fall asleep by the music of crickets.
No one bothers you and you're just spending time with your own thoughts or enjoying your loved one's voice.
You can get your swimming pants/bikini on and go for a swim without those "looks" from others on the beach. 
You can enjoy a great time by the hypnotizing open fire and admire the starlit sky.
Enjoy a private and really romantic time with your spouse.
You can even watch wild animals from a safe, but still close distance as they're fishing or play-fighting with each other. You can listen to the songs of wolves at night.
But of course, for being okay and safe in camping, you may want to learn about it and attend courses about how to stay safe at camping. By doing so, you can avoid fire-accidents, keeping away wild beasts and getting lost.
Ask your friends if they have such experience in camping or do research on where to go and what to bring there, what to prepare when you are there. If you attend courses or join groups (even on social media), you will find more answers than questions you have.

Make sure you bring all the needed or may be needed basic gears of camping, so you don't have to worry. And take a first aid class, just to ensure and boost safety. :)

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