Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Supreme 6 Pack - Book Review

Well, to be totally honest, this will be a compact review, meaning that we will talk about everything about this book in a nutshell. 

Our first impression about 'Supreme 6 Pack' is that it might be a cliche in the jungle of workout and fitness book that are always full of the same old (and sometimes boring) advice, diet tips and exercise models and 12 makes a dozen of these books. But there was something about the description that grabbed our mind, leaving a constant and permanent stamp that we couldn't take out of our heads. That something was that this book did not seem to promise results in 'no time' and that it was talking about *meditation* as well as physical and spiritual well-being which is incredibly awesome from a 'workout' book.

Book Description
Publication Date: April 24, 2014
*A book for you, for your friends and siblings, for anyone who wishes for a flatter belly and those abs to appear. A compact yet full guide that works and shows you the way for you to reach your goal to nicely toned abs. If you need to lose weight or you want to strengthen your core - You will find this book really helpful. 

You can read and learn everything necessary on how to get 6 pack abs, within 3-9 months time, where you can make those abs appear and get the body you always wanted. 
Supreme 6 Pack is a full guide to a successful fat loss and 6 pack abs gaining program, where you'll be able to change your lifestyle, get rid of bad habits, and learn how to meditate easily to feel great physically and spiritually - To gain wonderful self-esteem and the better, healthier life you deserve.*

As we took the 'sneak-peek' into the book and read the first couple of pages, we were blown. The author talks really kindly and professionally to the reader (which of course is not so incredible) but she somehow got us into her book at once. Reading along about her system and the way it is built up made us WANT to read the full book. So we decided to get the book (it is only $2.99 on Amazon) and dear, did we make a good purchase! 

Darla basically takes us by the hand and lead us to great health whilst we will enjoy the journey to a great and healthy new lifestyle. Her system is not like any other! If you had enough of the cliche. then you'll LOVE this book! Moreover you will enjoy everything from the healthy diet tips to the workout sessions, which you will do with excitement. The balance between the 4 pillars of which the system is based on (Cleaning, Diet, Workout/ Exercises and Meditation/ Relaxation) is incredibly awesome because the point is that Supreme 6 Pack system is about teaching you in a very humble way to how to fulfill your dreams  and how to accept the fact that each success you achieve in this system - and in other parts of your life - CAN and needs to be celebrated and rewarded in a way. This can lift your soul and spirit to be able to take life easier, whilst you face it. 
The workout is really well presented in written form and each exercise includes a nicely done drawn artwork to it, which in our opinion, was a great thing from the author, since a lot of people feel uncomfortable, seeing the well-shaped, toned and beach-brown bodies that are too perfect to be true. 
A great aspect of the workout is, that you don't have to stress about 'not having time for it'... The session is so intensive, that it only requires 10 minutes a day. Awesome! Everyone can afford 10 minutes a day to gain 6 packs! 
Our favourite part is, when she says that we CAN celebrate each day we worked out successfully, however we want it and why not? How come others never came up with such? Darla inspires us to celebrate weeks and months too and encourages us to do it by basic things like: new workout clothes and shoes or new skinny jeans and dresses to things like: going to a course to learn new things that we always wanted to learn, to even "wild" things like extreme sports and such. 

We really like her point of view. Before you say that she encourages us to break our bones, it is more likely that she encourages us to break out from our old habits and grab life both hands and start to LIVE and enjoy to be ALIVE

We are so excited to follow through her program and if you got the mood too, we're sure that you will enjoy reading her book and fulfilling the program: Supreme 6 Pack.

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  1. Wow, this sounds like a good book. Do you recommend it for at home usage or do I need certain equipments? Also, I see that the workout session is only 10 minutes a day. Every other book I've read so far, suggests an at least 30-60 minutes workout per day. Why is that? I can't wait to buy this book. It sounds really amazing and I am in need to lose weight. To get 6 pack abs is also very tempting.
    Waiting for your reply.

    1. Hi Ann,
      Those are some great questions :-)
      No, all you need is your own self, to work out with Supreme 6 Pack and you can do it at home or even on a vacation. Since the workout sessions are so intensive, 10 minutes of them are enough daily, but of course, there's nothing wrong about a longer session, if you care enough for the warm up previously to the workout and the stretching afterwards as well.
      S6P is ficusing on tummy muscles, so a 60 minutes session would be enough for the whole body. :-)

      Waiting for your experience with S6P! :-) Wishing you great achievements. Be well,

  2. Thank You for these wonderful words guys. I'm honoured. :-)

  3. Thank you for the giveaway !