Thursday, 12 June 2014


A cup of coffee
A known fact that fruits and their juices are helping you to boost your metabolism.
Coffee lovers also know that coffee (black coffee) can do this very same for you.

Although people can be so hard on consuming coffee, the truth is, that this black liquid gold has some pretty precious health-promoting attributions: it contains antioxidants and coffee may lower the risk of a cancer.
And the caffeine will boost your energy-level and metabolism too.

Moderately you can consume an espresso or a black-coffee.

Red Fruit Juice
Red Sweet Kiss (juice recipe)


100g cranberries 
100g strawberries
1 pear
1/2 lemon or lime's juice
mint leaves (optional)

Blend the fruits and lemon juice with a blender.
Serve it with lemon or min-leaves decoration. 
Enjoy! :)

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