Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Quick Tips Against A Headache

Chase the headache away with natural helpers - at home:

File:Basil-Basilico-Ocimum basilicum-albahaca.jpg
Basil - against headache
Basil: Put fresh basil leaves in a mortar, then break-squeeze them. When its fragrance gets strong, inhale it. It will ease the headache soon.

Green Tea: 5 cups of green tea will radically improve your health and immune-system. A cup of tea helps to ease the headache in minutes.

Rosemary: Vapourize rosemary essential oil, or rub a drop of it on both temples ( the side of the head behind your eyes). Alternatively,

add dried rosemary flowers to a spoon of honey and eat it.

Candlelight: The light of the fire stimulates the brain-waves and soothes your nerves. It is also a bit hypnotic, so it will not only ease the headache, but also, it will help you to sleep better, if you light a tea-light or two for the night.

Water: Sometimes you only have a headache because you're simply de-hydrated. Drink 10-15 glasses of water every day.

basil pic by Castielli on wikipedia

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  1. This information was very interesting and informative. My daughter suffers with headaches so badly. These tips may help her alleviate or rid herself of them. Great post.