Monday, 21 July 2014

Breathe And Stay Calm

File:Bela lugosi dracula.jpg
Bela Lugosi as Count Dracula the Vampire
In this hectic world you can find yourself in the middle of chaos, stress and worry, basically on a daily basis...
It is very likely that you will hear people moan and moan about anything and everything around you, or TO you. Politics, bills, people nowadays, the civilization that cannot stop, marriage, kids and the list goes on, endlessly. 
Sadly even if you would give a shoulder to the moaners, complainers, you will find yourself doing the same thing, sooner or later (if you aren't doing this already). Complaints are contagious. 
Sadly, being a moaner is one thing. Annoying others is just another thing. But complaining about things will make you sad, bitter and depressed and it WILL cause that you will be envious of others that are happy or have more. After a certain amount of time, you may even be envious of other's happiness, even if those people have very few things to be happy about. 
bitterness will grow over you and you will start to bring those that are happy around you, down to your level. You then will become an energy-vampire, sucking on other's happiness and you will not be able to realize your own misery what has been created by you. You will not see the *heaven* around you.

Don't be like this! YOU DON'T WANT IT. 

When you wake up tomorrow, try to do the day - just 24 hours - WITHOUT complaining. You'll see how much better, you'll feel yourself! 
If it works (and it will work) try it for 48 hours and more - you will realize how beautiful life is! See the beauty in the everyday! 
Don't let others suck out the life and happiness from you!!

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  1. This is so true, life is much more beautiful with a positive attitude that includes no complaining. I certainly complain, but I work really hard to keep myself in check and keep the complaints to a minimum.