Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Greasy Hair? Never Again!

When it comes to haircare, cleansing and styling it will most likely cause some imbalance in your skin's PH level and can cause your hair to become greasy too. To cure and avoid the oily look of your hair, try our tips and ideas, we shared below:

1. When it comes to a hair wash, you wouldn't want to wash it every day, because if you do so, your natural oils would come to cover it back even quicker and in bigger doses. These natural oils are meant to keep your hair safe and protected. If you wash your hair daily, you'd wash this oil off and so, it would make the oil perform quicker. Wash your hair 2 or 3 times a week maximum.

2. Avoid too hot water: Similarly, the too hot water would urge your natural oil s to perform even quicker to protect your hair from the heat.

3. Choose your shampoo wisely! If you think any shampoo is okay, you have to think again: Shampoo for normal hair is the best for a balanced PH level. Of course, when your hair is greasy or
dry, you'd pick a shampoo that is for that hair type. 
With this, when you just pick a shampoo from the shelves, a shampoo for greasy hair would dry out your hair and a shampoo for dry hair would make your hair become more oily. 

4. Herbal shampoos: Use them only, when you know that the brand is trustworthy. Herbal shampoos are one of the greatest helpers to regenerate your hair and cure it whether it's dry or greasy.

5. Essential oils are also wonderful when you need an aid to cure your greasy hair. Pick one of the following essential oils: tea tree, lemon, cedar wood, thyme, rosemary and pine. Into 50ml carrier oil (grape seed oil, virgin olive oil or sesame seed oil) add 10 drops of the chosen essential oil. Leave them for 15 minutes to mix well, and shake the mix a few times meanwhile. Apply the oil onto your hair before hair wash and let it settle for 20mins

6. Hair-stylers. Don't use too much of them, but when you really need them, choose good brands and apply a reasonable measure onto your hair.

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