Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Ants

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Zealous little creatures, ants are. But when they invade your home, you just don't like it of course. Below, we're sharing some natural, anti-ant ways to get rid of them:

1) Sprinkle around some lemon juice (or white vinegar). Add one part juice to two parts of water, then spray this concoction around the ants's home, around window and door frames.

2) Peppermint essential oil: Add a few drops (5-10) to two tablespoons of coconut oil. Apply this on their home's entrance.

3) Smoke: This one is a little tricky. Burn incense sticks very close to the ant home and its entrance. 

4) Electric cig: Ants are not a big fan to nicotine, so if you're smoking, you can get rid of ants by smoking your cig close to their homes.

5) Chalk (not crayons!): Just take a chalk - any colour would do it - and just draw a line around the ants's home and where ever you can see them coming into your house. They will not cross a line drawn by chalk! If you can get chalk-powder, that's the same result, but chalks are easier to get.

6) Mix powdered sugar with baking soda, and place this mix nearby their paths.

Further ideas to get rid of ants and bugs: 

Ant photo: Dawidl at the English language Wikipedia

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