Friday, 15 August 2014

Benefits of Almond Oil

Benefits Of Almond Oil
Let's see why should you consider using almond oil and how:

Almond oil is very rich in B vitamins and in omega 9 fatty acids. These 2 amazing compositions of the oil, helps you:
- Soften your skin and restores its elasticity.
- Nourishes your skin and hydrates it, so it is a great elixir after tanning, after using the sauna and after a bath.
- It helps sooth the symptoms of eczema and fungus, by easing the inflammation and the itching
- Since it is very rich in vitamins and skin-nourishing composers, it is a frequently used carrier oil in massages (spas) and in baby-creams as well.

Other than being an amazing skin-carer, almond oil can also appear in our kitchen.
You may add it to salads, poultry meat and to cookies, but of course, these oils are made with different techniques than those to your skin.

Heat some almond oil to semi-warm, then apply it onto your hair after first hair-wash. Massage it into your skin and all the way into your hair to its ends. It will help restore the balance of your hair's health and stops the threads tearing and splitting, meanwhile fighting away the dandruff. Let it absorb and release its nutritions for 10-15 minutes, then wash your hair again gently.

Skin care:
After a shower or bath, apply the oil throughout your body as a body lotion. You may apply it onto your face and wrinkles (do not massage it there, just apply with small gently tapping movements with your fingertips), to your neck, decolletage and cleavage. The almond oil contains vitamin E, therefore it can restore your skin's natural PH balance and hydration.

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