Thursday, 13 November 2014

Where To Start Your Online Career?

Ok... this is a bit different to what I normally post... But from my own experience and some friend's experiences, it is something that need to be posted.
Now, before I jump the trigger, please know, that it is only an idea, my idea of what and how would I do things and what I believe can help you to start your online ways ;)
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Where To Start Your Online Career?

So, you're thinking about starting an online career. Unless you have a great plan in your head, friends that have started their online business can help you out, or in case you don't have an idea, then it can be a huge labyrinth with only dead end streets.

Let me give you an idea, on where and how to do it.

Firstly, get yourself a social media account, even better if you get multiple accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, just to mention a few) and make friends, get followers on the topic that you're very interested in or have good knowledge to present. Join groups too, don't just like pages. Get social. Don't let yourself get sucked in though, but be online at least 30-60 minutes a day. Try to get your words, ideas and advice heard and be friendly, helpful and determined too. Try to keep humble and generous as well, but stay yourself.
After a while, (this can be a month to six months time) you'll have many good friends and awesome followers, that are all sharing similar points of view, that you yourself love to talk about, whether it is a diet-type or sports related subject. This is when stage two can start:
Write an e-book.
You will get scared, I know, but writing a good book, is easier than you think. In a way, you have already done it, as you were chatting, commenting and lettering with your friends and followers. Collect all the information together and start to make a sketch. When you get stuck, don't forget that there are search engines all over the net, that are free to use and hold vast information on the topic, you're writing about. Read and learn, but don't copy others. Write and broaden that sketch. When you think you have collected enough knowledge, and are satisfied with the sketch, this is when you have to sit down in front of your computer and start creating the book - Your Book.
When the writing is done, you need to get it checked, so you'll need an editor (you may skip it if you're confident with the result and about your knowledge). Luckily, an editor can be a relative, that reads it for you and searches for typos and grammatical errors, etc. Or, if your book is too specific and your relatives/ friends aren't good in this subject, you may reach out to some of your new friends on social media (maybe you'll have more than one friend that can edit it for you for free or for a small fee), or go and hire someone on Freelancer/ Fiverr. If you stick to the last ones, always hire a person, that has a great reputation and resume.
After your book is edited, it can be printed out in a physical book or made out as a virtual book, converted into a pdf or prc file (ebook). Your MS Word can create it so, in pdf/adobe format. There are many free, online pdf creator software on the web, or you can download converter programs. Just type it in a search-engine and multiple options will pop up to choose from.
There are different online publisher platforms, from where you can upload and sell your book on, where they might require specific modifications, such as Amazon requires it so. If you cannot do it by yourself, then you can also turn to a friend, or get it done for a few bucks by a freelancer.
Okay, your book really is ready now, the next step is to upload it to an online bookstore, and start selling it.
This is when you can let your friends know, that "Hey everyone, I wrote my first book on a certain subject, it is available at a specific website/bookstore or multiple sites and bookstores, so check it out). Now, this was the other reason for setting up social media platforms and making new friends. To be fair, it is for the best if you set the price to a good and reasonable amount. After all, your friends and followers will be your first buyers.
After they have purchased your book, don't let them get away, try to discuss it with them. Let them know that you put your heart in it and ask their opinion (and respect it) and encourage them to like/review your book - where possible - and ask to let their friends know about it too.
Then slowly, you can lay back and behold the sales and reviews rolling in. Then, you can start planning your second book.

I hope my idea helps you.
Yours, Petra ((Spring Of Health))

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