Sunday, 24 March 2013

Herb - Yarrow


The healing power of this wonderful flowering plant is known for eras. Throughout history, yarrow was known as the healing herb.

 The most common way to utilize this *magical* plant is making a tea from it.

Yarrow is blooming in mid-june, this is the best time to collect them in fields, meadows, fallows or road-sides. You can recognise them by their little white or lavender coloured  flowers that together shape as an umbrella and also from its leaves that has a strong peculiar fragrance when rubbing it with your thumb and fore-finger.

Benefits of yarrow: 

The tea made out of it can purify your body from toxins, relieving the pain of periods and researches show that it may help to cure gastric ulcers.
Back in the ancient times, yarrow's leaves were used to decrease toothache by chewing them, and also they were used to stop bleeding of wounds.

Yarrow has a bitter taste. To take it away, you can add some honey to the tea or by choosing a tea-mix that contains yarrow.

Note: If you yourself are collecting the flowers, be sure that you really found the right plant (otherwise you can buy yarrow tea in any herbal-stores) and make sure that it's not forbidden to collect the plant/its flowers or if you have permission to do it so.

Important: Scientists and doctors say that yarrow cannot be used as post-treatment on cancer-diseases!

Yarrow - The healing herb

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