Thursday, 28 March 2013

Revitalising Diet

Revitalising Diet

Gist: In this diet, the volume is on foods rich in protein, fruits, vegetables and raw food. You have to avoid foods that contain white flour, sugar and fat.
Also a short, 30mins of exercise a day is essential (it can be anything really. :)

Expected weightloss: 4lbs/week 
Recommended to: sports-lovers (but anyone can do it, since there's only a short 30mins/day exercise)

Benefits of the diet: Healthy and natural eating. The stored fat can quickly disappear from your body
Drawback of the diet: You have to pay attention to only do it for up to a month's time, then take a few days *break* and then you can continue it :)

(please, before starting a diet, always consult your doctor)

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