Thursday, 21 March 2013

Trick against cellulite

Reduce cellulite

I think I speak for most of us, when I say that cellulite is an annoying and silly thing that can ruin our self-esteem and we'd pay a fortune to get rid of it, but the creams and cures are mostly only a part-time resolution, if they work at all, yet we would try anything possible.

But what is this ugly, meanie thing, that ruins our self-esteem and makes us wanna hide our bodies in big and loose clothes and not letting us to feel comfy in a bikini, or we won't dare to show in front of our girlfriend/ wife/ boyfriend/ hubby.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, cellulite is not a matter of fat. It's not formating onto your skin because you put on weight or you have a few extra-pounds. In fact, skinny women can suffer from it too. 
Cellulite, if I wanna keep it simple and short
, is the watery-oedema of the connective tissues which oedema is caused by not fat but mostly tied water and acidic/toxic deposition. However, cellulite can formating out of hormonal changes too, that's why it can appear even in the teen-ages.
There are solutions to cellulite like body-wrapping, lymph-massage and to avoid salty foods and junk-foods. 
Or you can take a professional cellulite expert's advice:
Erica Nguyen - Certified Personal Trainer created a great program, a natural cure for cellulite. This program attacks cellulite from every angle. 
There's a short - only a few minutes long exercise program, and you can learn how to combat hormonal problems.
Check out her program HERE and get on your bikini!


Really easy, yet quite effective trick to shrink and fade the cellulite:
Grab some ice from the freezer, put it on a towel and wrap it around the ice.
Take the wrapped ice and put it on the problematic body-part, then start to massage it with cyclic moves.

The cold makes the blood-circulation to speed up and with this, the skin's metabolism will speed up too. This makes the skin to restore it's natural surface and to be healthy and smooth again.

You will see results fast: the cellulite starts to fade away in just 10-14 days! :)


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    1. :D We'd be happy to hear from you about the results! :)
      Please make sure that the ice doesn't cause pain for your skin, and if so, please stop the cure 'cause your skin might be a li'l bit oversensitive to the ice-cure.
      We will keep on posting different ways to get rid of cellulite, to make sure that everyone can find the best solution. :)