Saturday, 20 April 2013

4 Days Purifying Diet

Day 1)
On the first day of the diet, you can only eat fruits up to 4lbs of it. Please separate the small seeded fruits (like grapes or berries) from the big seeded fruits (like apricot and cherry). But you can mix them with bananas or apples or even with orange. You should also drink 2-3 glass of fruit juice a day  together with mineral water and herbal teas.

Day 2)
Fruit and veggies day. You can make wonderful salads (we're sending out great recipes in newsletter) and yummy juices. Consume up to 4lbs of  

Day 3)
Yoghurt day. 5-7 small cups of yoghurts can be eaten (low-fat). You can mix it with grated apple or grapes but even with honey, lemon orveggies as you wish. :)
Some flavouring alternatives are: curry and garlic.

Day 4)
Mush-pulp day. On this day every meal shall be somekind of pulp or mush. You can have oatmeal with grated apple or mushed bananas but try to make them thin, almost watery. You can add cinnamon or honey on your flavour.

Expected weightloss is about 2-4lbs.

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