Friday, 19 April 2013

Cloud Meditation

Do you remember, when as a kid, you used to lay in the grass staring at the sky to watch the clouds as they're chasing by and you tried to find out where they are coming from or where they will go? And you find different shapes that they've formed. Do you remember what a great feeling it was? :)
Well why don't you
do it again? No, seriously, go out to your garden, or go into the local park, and if you're afraid of insects, just put down a blanket, lay down and just shut the world out. Calm your mind and appease it and just watch the big white or grey fluffinesses to fly by... Don't think, just feel yourself calm. Try to see shapes in the clouds and you know what? Let your bad thoughts go away with the clouds, but make sure you also send some good thoughts as well with another cloud. :)

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