Sunday, 14 April 2013

Misbeliefs of dieting:

"I can eat anything for breakfast"
-False. If you want to have a successful diet, as a breakfast you should also have healthy and lighter foods such as fruits, low-fat yoghurt or low-fat cheese, curd cheese, low-fat muesli ('cause even the average muesli can contain lots of fat) and lean ham or low-fat (light) salami with 100% juices (fruit or veggies).

"If I skip meals, I can lose weight faster"
-False. If you skip meals, your metabolism will slow down and all you will achieve is that you will be very tired and the fat will still stick on your body and you even can get ill. Although if you wish to substitute your meals with protein-shakes or juices, milk or soups (as in fasting) then your metabolism will not slow down that
much and if you go to have a massage, yoga or pilates, then this will move your body and muscles enough to even speed the metabolism up a little. 
Also, if you rather eat 5 times a day with small portions, then you can also speed up your metabolism and you will lose weight. :)
Please always consult your doctor about dieting.

"A diet can't last longer than 3 weeks"
-False. A diet can last for years (in this case we also say life-changing diet or life-style changing diet like the South Beach Diet) and it can be as short as a few days like fruit diets or fasting.

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