Monday, 15 April 2013

Tire-killer Superfoods

1) Ginger
Ginger can help stop bloating and soothe the burning or inflamed metabolic system and speeds up the fat-metabolism. It causes congestion, so it speeds up the excretion and the detoxification, improving and helping  the connective tissues to regain health and tension.

2) Celery
This veggie has a diuretic affect and it is high in fiber so it speeds up your metabolism and the tied water in your body will also shrink. With this, you will get thinner and your skin will be rehydrated, your nails will be stronger and your hair will shine better. 

3) Cured Cabbage (sour cabbage)
Cured cabbage is very high in fibers so it's
very easy to purify your colon-system with it. It also helps you restore intestinal floras and with that it helps your metabolism and digestion. 
Consuming cured cabbage helps you to slim down quick and easy: you can lose inches! :)

4) Lemon
Great helper when you're on a diet: with its high vitamin C level it helps your body to produce more thyroxin, which controls the fat-metabolism. In lack of this hormone, the fat-pillows can settle on you easier and quicker. 

5) Ginseng
During the diet, ginseng can vivify you, so drinking a few mugs of ginseng tea during the day is a very good thing to improve your mood. 
Ginseng boosts your metabolism, improves the digestive-system and helps you to slim down quick. :)

6) Garlic
Maybe garlic is not amongst your favourites, but garlic is a magical veggie! It has great health benefits for you: it decreases the cholesterol level and also the blood-pressure. In case of dieting, consuming garlic helps you to get rid of stored fat, improves the excretion and digestion plus, it helps to prevent or cure the inflamed or burning digestive-system.

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