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Salt crystal lamp "feng shui"
Although we usually say to avoid salt when it's about your diet, on the other hand, salt has great benefits on your health. It can help you, if you have an allergy, if you have asthma, or when you have a cold or hayfever. 
During the therapy, you breathe in salty air, so the sodium from the salt can get in to those places in your body, where the bacteria and dust-grains are settled. These are almost impossible to remove from your body in any other ways, but the salt can tie them and make them leave your body with coughing. Salt has natural antibacterial effects on your body: it cleans your lungs, the respiratory tracts and the bronchias. With this, the symptoms will decrease, the breathing and the lung's oxygene supply will improve, the cold and the illness will heal quicker. Salt emits negative ions that has great effects on the respiratory tracts and even when the salt crystal isn't heated, it still has this effect and leaves your room/house feel like you're on the beach or after it has rained and the air is purified and cleared.

Other health benefits of the salt crystals:
- decreases nerve pains
- decreases blood pressure
- relieves rheumatic pains

It improves:
- kidneys
- blood detoxification
- nerve-system

We distinguish 2 types of salt-therapy:

 Wet salt-therapy: In this type of salt-therapy, you are vaporizing salt. You can add rock-salt into a bigger pot of boiling hot water, then take it with you to the bathroom, put it down to the floor and leave it to vaporize untill you sink into the bath for an hour or so. The other way is that you use a small ceramic pot (you can buy them in herbal stores or gift-stores) fill it with water and salt and hang it on a radiator - or if it has a space for it, just put a tea-light under it and light it.
Salt crystal bricks

 Dry salt-therapy: This type of salt-therapy has more options. You can go into a salt-cave, where the walls, the ceiling and sometimes even the floor is covered - or made out of salt crystals. Depending on the iron-level of the salt, the cave (room) can be white, orange and red coloured and sometimes the room is lit from behind the salt - so the whole room can shine in an orange salty haze, which can make you feel warm and calm your senses. 
The other way is to buy salt crystal lamps to have a similar feeling at home, or to buy salt crystal bricks and build a salt-wall. These bricks can be used in many ways and the only limit is your imagination! :)

Salt *cave*

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