Sunday, 7 April 2013

Fruit Diet

A short, 3 days diet that can help you get rid of up to 2lbs  make you feel better and feel revitalized.

Start the diet with grapes - on the first day eat 3-4lbs (1.5-2kgs) of grapes, drink 2 litres of mineral water and 5 mugs of rosehip tea. This will help your body get purified and detoxified, to get rid of free radicals, boost your metabolism and clear your colon system. This improves your blood circulation, whilst helping you to feel eased and revitalized.

To keep the balance, on the 2nd day of the diet the intake of fruit, yet you can consume other meals too. Keep drinking 2 litres of water and 3-5 mugs of rosehip tea a day.

For breakfast, chop an apple, a thin piece of low-fat cheese and a couple cloves of walnuts and pour low-fat yoghurt on top of them. As a snack, you can have a small cluster of
grapes. For lunch, you can have roasted poultry with ananas. Later on, as a snack, have 2-3 bran-biscuits with plums and a big mug of green tea. For a dinner, you can make a fruit salad from apples, plums and ananas.

On the third day, for breakfast, you can have a bowl of oat flakes with low-fat milk. As a snack, eat a big apple or a low-fat yoghurt. For lunch, you can choose roasted fish with plum dip and brown rice. As a snack, pick a fistful of dried fruits or nuts and your dinner can be fruit salad again. :)

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