Friday, 12 April 2013

Lose weight while sleeping

If you really are on the *lose-weight* thing, then you surely will research what's the best for you and you want to grab the best opportunities and options (and of course you will consult your doctor too:) ).
Here is a trick to boost the weight-loss effect: 
If you mix protein with vitamin C, it will produce stress hormones while you're sleeping (don't worry they just have this name, you won't stress out lol.) and these hormones will boost your fat-metabolism.
Eat lean, roasted meat with salad leaves and paprika for dinner, or drink a glass of milk with a vitamin C pill. 


  • you can change the meat to any meat-substitutes, low-fat protein bars, soy or tofu.
  • if you're doing fasting (milk fasting) or you are skipping dinners (fasting or meal substituting) you can pick the milky-version of this 


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