Wednesday, 10 April 2013


File:Juglans major Morton.jpgWhen you're after a hectic day and you feel like everything is against you and you feel like you'll blow up...

Go out to the local park or into your garden and sit under a tree and lay your back against the tree. Sit there whilst trying not to think, close your eyes and just be. Take deep breaths, focus on breathing and try to imagine as you exhale stress as a dark gray cloud. As you exhale it, it leaves your body and you're calming down. After 10-20mins as you're calmer, and all of the stress has left your body, you can touch the tree and try to feel it. Don't think it's awkward or odd, just caress the tree for a bit and say a *thank you* as it helped you to find a relief. The touch of the tree
helps you to awake your senses after this meditation and you can run your fingers in the grass around you for the same reason. When you feel ready, get up, take a look around and find the gorgeous things: If you're in your garden it can be the plants/flowers and the trees - the life of Nature, and if you're in a park, besides Nature it can be the playing kids, the love couples, the old lady on the bench or anything really. When you filled up with this view, take one more deep breath and keep the memory of this meditation and what you saw afterwards.
After you got back home, sit down for 5 more minutes in the kitchen with a mug of herbal tea and just enjoy harmony for a bit longer. :)

photo by Bruce Marlin

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