Sunday, 12 May 2013

4 herbal teas that can boost your weight-loss

Lapacho tea:
The tea made out of the bark of Pink Ipe was known and used by the South American Indians to improve their immune-system, ease pains and to cure inflammations. It has been lately guessed as a possible cure against cancer, the hypothesis wasn't proved by science.
The lapacho tea is full of minerals and trace elements and it has a strong healing and regenerating effect whilst it also helps to improve your stems' metabolism.
Drinking the tea has a strong diuretic effect: it improves your metabolism and purifies your liver and improves the secretion of the excreta.

Tip: Add honey or 100% fruit juice into the tea or just drink it plain. :)

Mate tea:
Deep in the rainforests you can find
millions of healing herbs. One of them is the mate which is a type of the plant Ilex. The tea made of mate has an invigorating and refreshing effect and it can even boost your mood and get you out from wretchedness.
The herb is rich in vitamin B and C: These vitamins can improve your nerve-system and improve your metabolism too. Since mate tea can chase away your bad mood and mental tiredness, it is a great choice to improve your weight-loss if you *don't have energy to move*.
Drink 2-3 cups of tea a day.

Tip: If you drink a cup of tea before workout, your heart will not be over-charged and your blood-pressure will not raise too high.

Chicory tea:
The healing tea is made out from the herb's roots. The tea has a slight laxative effect, improves digestion and the liver's functions. With these features, your metabolism and digestion will improve too.
The tea has invigorating effect and contains lots of vitamins and is rich in potassium, which means the tea has a diuretic effect that helps you to get rid of unwanted stored waters.

Tip: The chicory tea has a bitter flavour. You can add honey or fruit juice to ease on the flavour.

Linden tea:
Linden tea is a strong healing herb that can cure colds, insomnia and anxiety, stops bloating and it has diuretic effect, but is gentle to your kidneys and your colon-system.
Linden is rich in bioflavonoids and vitamins to improve and boost your immune-system and your fat-metabolism.

Tip: Add a couple of cloves (the spice) to the tea to boost it's healing-effects.

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