Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Sesame tofu

A fantastic and simple recipe for an Alkaline Diet and the 2nd phase of South Beach Diet :)


500g tofu
200g brown rice
2 medium carrots
2 big zucchini (about 400g)
2tbsp of sesame
2+2tbsp of coconut oil
parsley, salt, pepper

Chop the tofu to
small cubes and fry it in 2tbsp of coconut oil. When half done, add the sesame and the sliced zucchini and fry them. Meanwhile, start to fry-stew the sliced carrots in the other 2tbsp of oil, add the spices and add water enough to cover the carrot nicely. Cook it till its soft then add the carrot to the tofu, cover it and put it aside. Boil water to the rice and prepare it. Stir it to the tofu and veggies, mix then serve. :)

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