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Skincare - Face-masks

File:Facial mask.jpgThe 100% natural, home-made masks can re-hydrate your skin, fill it up with vitamins and smoothen it whilst helping your skin to have a better blood-circulation, to be purified and to revitalize it.

Once you've made the face-masks and you've smoothed it onto your skin, you may want to wrap gauze around your head too (of course leave your eyes and mouth uncovered), for letting the temperature of your skin to rise, helping the masks to exert their effect 100%.
To make the cure most enjoyable, lay down for 15mins whilst the mask exerts its effect with some good music on and just relax. :)

The base of all the following masks is 2tsp of whole wheat flour (rye, oat, barley, wheat or corn)

Flour mask - for any skin-type:
 Take the flour and add enough water to get a smooth but not fluent *cream*. Smoothe it on your
face and let it exert the effect for 15mins.
Perfect to fill up your skin's vitamin levels: the vitamin B helps your nerves and the skin's metabolism, the vitamin E will help to beat the aging of your skin and fills it up with antioxidants.

Tomato mask against greasy skin:

 Substitute the water with pure tomato juice. This mask will gently peel your skin and removes the greasy parts whilst it's nutritions will increase your blood-circulation. Your skin's metabolism will be increased and helps to prevent the whiteheads appearance.

For de-hydrated skin:
 Add wheat-sprout oil to the flour (you may use grape seed or jojoba oil instead)
If your skin is dry, it means that it's in lack of its natural lipids. To cure this, all you have to do is to restore its healthy lipid-level, so your skin will be able to tie the water again.
Wheat-sprout oil is full of minerals and vitamins. It's important to notice, that this oil will not make your skin greasy, to feel heavy, nor will it plug the pores. It will give a natural soft and smooth feeling as it restores your skin's surface. 

For dry skin:
Mash a cucumber and squeeze out the juice of the flesh. Add this juice to the flour, leave it on for 15mins then wash it off. The gentle scrub will help to remove the dry and peeling skin whilst the cucumber rehydrates your skin with vitamins and helps to restore the skin's water level.

Tip: Always use warm water to wash off the masks, then afterwards, repeat the wash with icy cold water twice.
If your skin is sensitive, make a skin-probe with the masks on a small area first.

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