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The 7 Main Chakras

The 7 main chakras

Chakras are energy centers all over your body, which are meant to exchange the energy with Nature around you and yourself.

Actually you have thousands of chakras throughout and beyond your body.

You can imagine chakras as spinning whirls channelling energy. The collected energy from your environment travels by your spine, from the bottom towards the top, through energy channels, called meridians.

If chakras are working well, we can say that they're open: they're spinning clock-wise and collecting-exchanging energy from the environment around you.
Unfortunatelly, if your environment is bad and you're going through stress, you have bad-habits such as  smoking, drinking, eating disorders or you're emotionally down too much, chackras can close and malfunction.
It then causes other chackras increased work or low-energy-levels, emotional diseases, but it can also affect organs to disfunction and can even cause cronic diseases.

How to open them again?

Each chakra has a technique and practicing these techniques will open them again, but first off, you have to cut out eating junkfood, smoking and all bad habits, and you have to get rid of stress of at least decrease them by meditating and focusing on doing those things that can make you happy or satisfied.

The 7 Chakras are:

The Crown Chakra:

The crown chakra, as its name suggests too, is located on the top of your head. It opens upwards and connects you to the divine beings, connects your spirit with nature and beyond.
Organs: Cerebrum, Pineal Gland
Colour: sparkling white or gold, rarely lilac
If your crown chakra works well and perfectly, you can reach total freedom, responsibility over your life and you will learn to listen and trust in your intuitions and inner voice, you'll be in harmony and you'll be one with nature and understand it. You can even reach divine and pure bliss. You can connect with other worlds and you'll be very sensitive and empathic.
If the chakra doesn't work well, you'll suffer from obscurity, aimlessness, mortal fear, shallowness and be a fault-finder.
Open: Put your hands in front of your stomach. stretch out your ring-fingers and let tem touch, and then close your fists loosely, letting your fingers to cross each-other with your left thumb under the right, then focus on the divine. Chant the sound: Ng

The Third Eye Chakra:

Located in the middle of your forehead, with an inch above your eye-line. Opens forward.
Organs: Eyes, face, ears, cerebellum, nerve-system
Colour: blue or purple.
If the chakra works well, your emotional intelligence, spirituality and inner sight will work on the maximum. It also helps control the spiritual energy, imagination and spiritual healing.
If the chakra is disfunctioning it will cause learning problems, fanaticism, materialism, psychic problems and naivity. On physical aspects, it will cause headaches, migrane eye-diseases and vision-problems.
Open: Put your hand at the bottom of your chest-bone. Stretch up your middle-fingers to their fingertips contact and make a heart-shape with your index-fingers and thumbs. Chant the sound: Om.

The Throat Chakra:

This chakra also opens forward. Located at the larynx's line.
Organs: larynx, jaw, lungs, arms, neck, swallowing tube.
Colour: light blue, silver, turqouise.
This chakra controls and helps you to socialize, helps the teamwork, communication, objectivity, independence and artistic expression.
In case of disfunction you can experience troubles with self-expression and speech, throat-diseases, colds, asthma, coughing and all the diseases connected to throat chakra's organs.
You can improve the chakra with communication-exercises and learning self-expression.
Open: Put your palms on top of each other at the line of your tummy. Fingers of the left hand covers the fingers of the right hand. The two thumbs are touching each other by shaping an apple or letter *O* with your hands. Chant: Ham. [ha:m]

Heart Chakra:

It's located at about the middle of the chest, by the heart and it opens forwards.
Organs: heart, spine between the neck and lower-back, the lower part of the lungs, blood and blood-circulation, chest and skin.
Colour: green and pink
Heart chakra represents the freedom, calmness, generosity, loyality, unconditional love and devotion.
If it's in disharmony, you will yearn after love, to be loved and to give love. You will suffer from anger, hatred, agression, depression and isolation. Physical symptoms of disfunction are: blood and blood circulation problems, heart diseases, allergy, pneumonia and other lung-diseases cancer may occure.
If you want to improve it, you have to surround yourself with love, you have to accept and to give love, trust and selflessness.
Open: Sit down in a lotus-position or just simply cross-legged. Place your left hand on your left knee. Form an *O* with your right thumb and index finger, and put the top of the two fungers by yourt heart. Chant: Yam.

Solar Plexus or Navel Chakra:

Located above your bellybutton by an inch, it opens forward.
Organs: lower-back, stomach, digestif-system, liver, gall and autonomic nervous system.
Colour: sun yellow
When the chakra works in harmony, you can feel free, happy, self-confident in that you act right, that you're at the right place, right-time and your life-force is radiant.
In case of malfunction, you'll desire power, be displeased, dissatisfied, you'll be in lack of self-confidence, you'll be stressed and nervous, selfish, and experienc anxiety, discomfort and fear.
On physical aspects, you might have to put up with stomach and belly diseases, digestive problems, back and spine pains.
To improve it, you have to learn how to accept yourself and to express your feelings the right way.
Open: Put your hands before your tummy, slightly above your navel. Let only your fingertips to contact, all pointing away from you. Cross your thumbs on each-other. Chant: Ram [ra:m]

Sacral Chakra:

It's located between the genitals and the navel. It opens forward.
Organs: genitals, kidney, bladder, all types of liquids in your bloody, including blood, sperm and semen.
Colour: orange
When it's in harmony, your sexual desires are strong and you can have a successful relationship. Gives you the ability to accept others and discover new experiences.
Disfunction of the chakra causes impotence, orgasm problems, colon-system diseases, spasms in the tummy and colons, menstruation problems and pains, oversexed, nymphomania, womb diseases and eating-disorders.
To improve the chakra, you have to be open to other people, you have to improve your creativity and your interest in art, also you have to learn to accept yourself.
Open: Place your hands on your lap, the right hand lays on the palm of the left hand. The tip of the thumbs make contact. Chant: Vam.

Root Chakra:

It's located at the bottom of the spine. Between the genitals and the anus. It opens downwards.
Organs: all bones (from your toes to your teeth), nails, prostate, colons and anus.
Colour: red
If the chakra works well, your survival instincts will work well, you can create a calm and safe home for you and your family. Mostly attached to the feeling of home and to be rooted to somewhere that you can call home. Vitality, and working, physical and material well-being.
In case of malfunction you can expect: agression, greed, voracity, fears, depression, obscurity and insomnia.
On physical aspects, it can cause: colon-diseases, piles, sciatica, weight-problems, diarrhea, stoppage, rheuma, joint-diseases, cold limbs, spine problems, blood-pressure problems.
You can improve it by spending time outside in nature, gardening, sports, martial-arts and positive thoughts.
Open: Shape an *O* with the fingertips of your thumb and indexfinger. Chant: Lam [la:m]

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