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Lucky Bamboo
Bamboo and it's benefits

Bamboo is not only a decorative plant that looks beautiful in your room, but it's also an important item in Feng Shui. It embodies 3 of the main elements: water, wood and earth. Bamboo is a strong plant, it has a strong energizing powers, so it is perfect in your house and for yourself as well. 
 It is a common belief that bamboo lures luck as well, this type of bamboo is called Lucky Bamboo. No matter if you buy it for yourself or you give it away, it may bring luck.
The most preferred way to give lucky bamboo to someone is either a single stalk or 3 stalks together, latter refers to long life, hapiness and wealth.
Bamboo refers to life and wise energy in

all ways .

File:Phyllostachys nigra folium.jpg
Bamboo Plant
with black stems
Bamboo shoots are also very delicious and are rich in healthy nutrients. It's one of the most effective healthcare foods known worldwide. Bamboo improves chi-fluency and benefits the liquid-circulation in your body. It can improve your weight-loss goal and it is also a very important nutrient that may fight cancer and prevents heart-diseases. Since bamboo has a low sugar level it easily fits in your diet (yet please always consult your nutritionist first, for your best interest.).

Lucky Bamboo: Photo by Champlax.
Bamboo, black: Pixeltoo.

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