Saturday, 15 June 2013

Don't Freak Out!

It seems that a lot of us dieters are freaking out about dieting and getting stressed over this all: about according to rules of a certain diet or having to go to the local gym and sweating among people with a perfect gym-body.
Truth is, you shouldn't freak out over this. 
Moreover, you have to think about that this all happening in your best interest. Your goal can be anything about weightloss from looking better to getting healthier.

However, if you really don't like the thought of the gym, you can exchange it with bicycle-riding, walking, running, swimming, yoga or pilates, or with thai chi. These can be done in your home or nearby environment and you don't have to put up with the "looks" of others.

In case you are over-weight more than 9kgs (20lbs) you should think about 1 very important thing. And that is:
These extra kilos weren't accumulated on your body in a day. If you want to lose them, you have to be patient and not abuse your body furthermore but do everything progressively, bit by bit, day by day, to get the best and permanent results possible. 
Don't jump into any diets you hear of, 'cause it might not be good for you. Do a little bit of research and as you go through the diet types and life-changing programs, pick the one you feel will be the best for you and consult with your doctor about it too! 
Do a little bit of exercise every day (as written above) and raise the exercise time every second day with  2-5mins occasionally (always pay attention of what your body bears.). By time, as the weightloss improves with a healthy diet and exercises you'll be able to do more and actually you will feel the urge to do more. Raise a  bit more on the exercise than usually (and consult about it with your doctor or with a personal trainer if possible) and be careful not to fall through the other side of the horse and get injuries.

As time goes by, about 2.5-3 months later, you'll find urself in a gym (full of self-confidence), in brand new clothes and happy feelings, but most importantly: you'll be in much better health in every way. :)

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