Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Channeling Chi

Mastering Mind Power with Chi

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 In this step you have to stand or settle down in a strong chair and in a very tranquil and comfortable arrangement (you can use your favourite easy chair, even if it's a hanging chair-that would raise the effectiveness.). Close you eyes, then proceed to gasp or exhale for a few times to assist in relaxation. As you think about your whole being, an inner surge will emerge.
To manage to calm your senses and your mind for the surge to happen, you need to effectively inhale or exhale for quite a comprehensive time frame to improve in relaxation. Think of yourself as being an effective Chi magnet
looking to attract positive forces.
During the inhalation process you need to rise up the hands and stretch them over to your palms till when they will be way high and overhead.

Now picture your hands as tracing up lines related to magnetic fields which surrounds your entire body from the feet, up to your head. Repeat a luring mantra to invoke the desired goal you wish to reach.
Exhale should be powerful enough but not forced. Lower your hands in front of your body. The palms need to be down commencing from the forehead down to the thigh region. Now imagine that your hands are uniquely tracing up lines related to magnetic resonance, which flows from the head all through the body and down to the feet. This way you will begin to experience the effects of the Chi as it is working-moving throughout your body.
Keep repeating this procedure for 5-10 minutes together with visualization (invoking the goal, invoking the power). The mental picture and also affirmation point to particular mind tools that serve to summon the inventive vigor of your universe. This ensures the invoke of a very ingenious energy denoting your actual mental capability. It’s this visualization and also affirmation tools that summons the ingenious energy found within the self. Certain visualization and also affirmation are definite mental tools which invokes the resourceful energy that’s tied to universal peace and coherence, which refers to an extra positive but much higher goal that you desire.

Respiracao from wiki - yellow picture

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