Saturday, 13 July 2013

Crunchy Paleo Crumbs

Crunchy Paleo Crumbs

Tasty recipe

If you miss the tasty, deep-fried meals and/or the 

crunchy crumbs from your diet, you'll be happy 
for the following recipe:    ;)

*Crunchy Crumbs*


1) Pick the desired meat/cheese/veggies and roll them in pumpkin seed flour or almond flour. Then put them in whipped eggs (or substitute if you don't use eggs) then put them into a mixture of walnut flour, sesame flakes and

sesame seeds, these will make them really crunchy when they're done.

2) Heat coconut fat or coconut oil in a frying pay and when it's hot, deep fry the crumbed goodies under cover for 1 minute approximately, then put the cover aside and fry untill it's done. Serve and enjoy! :)

Note: Same rules stand on paleo crumbs as for deep-frying: pre-cook the vegetables before deep-frying and if you'd make liver, mushroom or pumpkin, salt them only after they're done.

This is a paleo recipe originally, yet feel free to adopt it to different diets as well. :)

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