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Verbena was a saint herb in the ancient world.
The romans used it to increase stamina, to ease nervousness and against anaemia. This herb was associated with divine and other supernatural forces and it was connected to the goddesses Venus and Diana. In ancient Egypt, Verbena was called as *tears of Isis* and  in ancient Greece it was dedicated to Eos Erigineia.
The Druids believed that the herb came from Planet Sirius.
It was also essential to Sorcerers, Samans, the Hungarian Táltos's rituals and to the Pawnee Indians: they were smoking the herb in their pipes on their rituals.

Throughout the world's civilizations, verbena was a preferred and well-known healing herb that has also been used to ease pains, decrease inflammation and its brew was a cure for colds.

Boil 300ml water then pour it onto 2-3tsp of verbena herb. cover the cup for 10-15mins, then drink it slowly. Please note, that the tea is bitter, you may want to add honey or (birch) sugar to it. :)

L'Occitane Eau
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Isis: She was worshipped as the ideal mother and wife as well as the patroness of nature and magic
 Eos Erigineia: Goddess of the dawn. Eos rose up into the sky from the river Okeanos each day and by her radiance, the night fades away.
Venus: goddess of love, beauty, sex, fertility and prosperity
Diana: She was initially just the hunting goddess, associated with wild animals and woodlands. She also later became a moon goddess.

verbena by Sphl.

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