Sunday, 11 August 2013

Get In Shape

This Summer is hot like crazy and it makes us tired and worn-out.
Here are some cool tips on how to get revitalized and refreshed:

Happy Shower:
Start your mornings with a shower, but do it a little bit differently: Instead of your *boring* time under the shower, keep on changing the water's temperature between cool and warm. One minute cooling and one minute warmness. This type of shower will improve your blood-circulation and improve your mood for the rest of the day!

This delicious vegetable (or fruit, botanically) is your friend when it comes to health-care. Tomatoes can help improve your pancreas, your kidneys and your heart. Drink some
100% tomato juice or eat it raw daily.

Citrus-fragrances are great mood-improvers. Spill some drops of lemon or orange fragrance oil into hot water, then make a *tent* around it and over your head to inhale the scented steam. It's also good if you have an allergy.

Doing a short exercise daily that spins your pulse up is fantastic against tiredness. No, really! Try to run or swim or ride an exercise-bike (spinning) for up to 30 minutes maximum, until your pulse goes up to about 130 beats per minute. This daily exercise (mostly cardio) will not only give you satisfaction after you're finished, but it also releases endorphins (happy-hormones) to your system.


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