Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Your body is the reflection of your mind
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Stepping stones in the garden of the first Kyoto Imperial Palace.
These stones were originally part of a 16th-century bridge over
the Kamo River, which was destroyed by an earthquake.

You might don't know, but your feelings and your thoughts are affecting your physical body. A negative event in your life or a stressful job can do destructive things with you like damaging your health.
The process of restoring your health cannot be confined only to the physical level. To improve and restore your health, you have to think about what could make your immune-system work poorly: take a good look around in your everyday routines and examine yourself on a deeper level.

Your physical extent is attached to your spiritual, emotional and psychic self, these altogether creating the unit: You.

Here is an example that is worthwile to think about:

This virus has lots of varieties lately and it seem to be more aggressive nowadays. Usually, flu has similar symptomes to a cold, but it comes with high fever and pains. Other times, flu can wreck your immune-system badly and forces you to stay in bed for long weeks. Even if you got the shot against the virus, since they are mutating and more aggressive, you still can get it. 
But in some cases, you get it 'cause your immune-system was already down. If you have a stressy job, or you're surrounded with too much stress, you are depressed or something affected your days badly, flu can get you easier.
The word *flu* originates from *influence* pointing on the fact that something has an effect on you. It is of course the virus, but also that negative thing that made your immune-system work poorly. You have to find the answer on spiritual level: what caused your system to work poorly and you have to solve the psychic level problems to beat flu easier and sooner.

And this stands for a lot of other problems and diseases as well: you have to think about what is wrong in your life that affects your physical health.

You have to restore the balance between your physical and spiritual self.

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