Saturday, 5 October 2013

4 Quick And Simple Health Tips For Winter

1) Maybe, you didn't know, but you lose about 25% of your body heat through your head. So keep yourself warmer and put on that hat, cap or hood and even save your hair bulbs.

2) In the cold weather, you should never breath through your mouth, only through your nose. Even if you do sports or working out outside. The cold weather will cool your mucosal, making it easier for the bacterias to

3) Nicotine and caffeine has a vasoconstrictor effect - which as you know is very bad for your health - and also, it will make you feel colder. So, reduce the cigarettes and the coffee at winter.

4) After each and every shower and bath, use a body lotion. In the cold, your skin can dehydrate more easily, so prevent it with a good quality - or home made - 100% natural body lotion.

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