Thursday, 20 February 2014

Alkaline diet

Alkalinizing foods
The Alkaline diet has been created to change the body's pH level. Originally the pH level is more alkaline than acidic, but the foods nowadays are full of unnatural and unnecessary contaminants (such as flavour enhancers, food colourings, presticides and preservatives), that are acidizing the body. By minimizing the intake of the acidizing foods, you can gain better health, increase your energy-level, treat a cardiovascular disease and reduce the cellulite...

Medically, the alkaline diet proved that it helps prevent kidney stones. Recently a hypothesis said, that the too acidic environment in your body can increase the risk of osteoporosis and causes several damages to our body system. However, more tests haven't been made clinically about the diet's effects, it became quite popular among dieters.

Alkalinizing foods

Acidizing foods

Well, kinda strict, isn'tit? But hey, it's mostly done for a couple of weeks, or maybe up to two months time and you can do it a clever day to loosen it. For example:
1: Do 2-4 days of the diet eating the alkalinizing foods, then have a day when u have some acidizing food, but not a double cheeseburger with giant cola of course ;) 
2: Try to minimize the acidic food intake in your everydays meals :)

Tip: Alkalines tastes bitter and feels slippery to touch, unlike the acidic foods that feels wet and tastes sour.

Veggie Tortillas
You'll need:
- sprouted grain tortilla wraps
- onions
- mushrooms
- cucumber
- sweet corn (if canned please wash it well)
- carrots
- pumpkin seeds 
- olive oil
- salad leaves

Put a little olive oil in a frying pan. When it's heated add the (chopped) veggies, except for the salad leaves. Lay the tortillas on the table or put them on plates, an put a salad leaf on top of each. When the veggies are done, share them on the tortillas and wrap them. Enjoy :)

Tip: If you wish, you can add a little sea-salt and garlic too, to make the food more spicey ;)
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Full disclosure: I'm an affiliate to Alkaline cookbook -.-.-

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  1. It's kinda scary how most of the foods I like fall under the acidic listing. Very helpful and informative post as always! Thanks!