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Paleo diet

The diet you SHOULD  eat to be in a great shape, sleep like a baby, have more energy than ever before and to lose weight easily, is the diet we ate for thousands of years before agriculture, provided by Mother Nature.
Paleo Diet Recipe
Back in those ancient times, our ancestors didn't suffer from these "modern day" burdens such as obesity, heart-diseases, diabetes or cancer. They were the children of Nature and they lived a very healthy and natural life, they were fit and strong.
Their food (meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, eggs, nuts and seeds - excluding grains, legumes, potato, refined salt, refined sugar and processed oils) was simple nutritious and NON-TOXIC.
However, the main diet is difficult to keep, so today we can find two other versions of the main Paleo diet:
both of them contains carbohydrates. The first one has 23% while the second contains up to 28% of carbohydrates, and allows root veggies. Please note that if your main goal is weight loss, you have to pick the right carbohydrates, that can be found below on the listing.
The reason of the carbohydrates appearance in the Paleo diet is because of the scientists agreed that our body-system needs more nutritions than our ancestors had in their diet, 'cause of the evolutionary changes in our digestive systems and because of the agricultural changes.
If you decide to follow the Paleo diet (beside reading the *About* section of the blog) please choose to do it as a diet, but if you wish to do it as a life-long diet, consult with your doctor, or dietician-nutritionist, who will personally measure, supervise and track your condition of health for your best interest. :)

Here are the lists of Paleo-friendly foods:

The Paleo Recipe Book


Coconut oil/milk
Olive oil
Walnut oil
Avocado oil
Hazelnut oil

Lard and tallow are allowed too, but only a little at a time

Pork meats
Game meats

All types of fish are welcome in the diet.

You can eat all types of veggies during the diet, but you have to exclude the legumes and if your goal is weightloss, besides the healthy diet, you should avoid sweet potatoes.

All fruits can be eaten in this diet, yet you must notice that some fruits have higher sugar-level, so you might have to limit the daily dose of bananas and dried-fruits. 

Except for peanut, you can eat nuts and seeds in Paleo-diet so as the flour made out of them. The daily dose of nuts and seeds should not exceed 5 ounces (15dkgs). 

Algae and other sea-weeds are also welcome in the diet, they are very healthy, they contain antioxidants.

Herbal teas
Mineral water
Fruits/veggies juices - 100% natural

MODERATELY you can have:
Bio Honey
Dried fruits

And here is the list of foods, you have to leave:

Grains, rice
Most of the oils
Refined salt, refined sugar (including sweeteners and refined honey)
Milk, milk products
Juices (that contain added sugar and unnatural additives)

That's it. :) It's not so complicated and it's easy to follow the diet without "breaking the rules". 

Paleo Recipe

Roasted pork with veggies ant fruits:

-Pork meat
-1 tbsp of olive oil
-Spices on your flavour

Heat the oil in a fryingpan. Add the meat (what you can marinate in spices before roasting for 20mins), and roast it. When half done, turn the meat over and add the (chopped) carrots, the onions and the mushrooms. Here, you can pour some water to the pan (carefully) and put the cover of the pan on top. After 5 mins remove the cover, and roast the meat and veggies till the meat is well-done. Serve it with the strawberries. Enjoy :)

Antioxidants: oxidation inhibitors. In our bodies, during the oxidation, free radicals are forming, that are oxidized oxygene atoms/molecules which is damaging our cells.  With our own antioxidats, we can neutralize the free radicals, yet with too much stress, wrong eating habits and by aging, the free radicals are proliferating in us. This is when we have to grow the intake of natural antioxidants to re-store the natural balance.

Full disclosure: I'm an affiliate to PaleoRecipeBook.
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