Thursday, 20 February 2014

Emotional Eating

  Sometimes, when you have had a very bad day, that emotionally brought you down, you are searching for a way to find a relief from this burden. Your spouse or love, kids or a friend that can give a shoulder and listen to you as you tell your day's happenings and helps you to put this burden down from your soul: by giving you love, care, comfort, support, hugs and laughter.
  Unfortunately, sometimes it happens, that it's either not enough, or you're in total lack of these comforting minutes that you could spend with your loved ones, or even you are in constant lack of this... So you have to find another way to find relief 'cause you're yearning for comfort. Then you find out that chocolate helps you to feel better, since eating chocolate releases endorphins. So you sooth your soul with chocolates. 
Lets say that these days are happening to you often and eating sweets slowly becomes a habit. Chocolates, bonbons, ice-creams...
Then the next day it's not only just a pieces of chocolate but the whole bar, not just a few spoonful of ice-creams, but the half of the box and maybe it's not even the sweets anymore, but basically: food... You started to find relief in eating but now it slipped out of your control and begins to feel worse that you're eating to sooth your feelings, because you start to put on weight. You go to bed with a full tummy and you can't sleep, then your next day at work was harder and harder, you are getting sadder or even more depressed, so you eat again... You trapped in this devilish circle...
  This is not only an eating disorder, it is affecting you physically and emotionally too. This thing is called emotional eating and unfortunately a lot of people suffer from it: women and men.

There many ways to break through from this, when you have no company at home: 
- Meditation
- Yoga
- Tai chi
- Exercise
- Moving out and spending a few hours with your colleagues/friends or making new friends
- Going for a walk 
- Taking a hot bath
- Gardening
- Listening to music (any type of, you will know what you need)
- Watching movies
- Going out to theatre/cinema
- Boost your creativity and start a hobby (writing, drawing, handcraft, music)
- Bach flower-therapy
- Going to have a massage (parlour, or to a friend's) 
- Reading and so on and so on...

There are many ways to get rid of that burden called stress, sadness or depression. Some easier to get rid of, some are harder and needs more than emotional eating replacement activity. 
One thing is sure: You have to decide to overcome these burdens, then you can move on easier. 
And of course, giving ideas is easy, to apply them is harder, but hey: You know you're worth it! You know that you deserve more. Treat yourself better and you will be treated better. And no, we're not saying that you're lazy, nor are we just sending you to exercise. We'll never do that. At Spring Of Health we know what it feels like and what's going on in your mind and soul. This is why we're trying to give these ideas, that can help you. :)

You have to find the comfort within you and the thing(s) that really makes you happy, that will bring you recurring happiness for a long time and not just a few minutes as food does. Food will not feed your soul, you will with what you do for yourself and for others. Look inside you and find answers. :) We know that you can do it, trust in yourself!

Tip: Listen to Jon Gabriel's story. He says that sometimes it happens that our body needs the weight in order to be safe.
He also discovered that our body has a "fat switch" and how to turn it off, so that the weight, as a burden on your soul will melt from your body and you will realise, that you don't need to hide from the world. [...] Continue reading by clicking HERE.

Full disclosure: I am an affiliate for Jon Gabriel's.

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