Thursday, 20 February 2014

The South Beach diet

The South Beach diet is a diet plan, created by Arthur Agatston MD. and Marie Almon dietitian, to give an alternative to the low-fat diets. 
Originally, the South Beach diet was made on the purpose to prevent heart-diseases, however it achieved big popularity all around the world among dieters since it's very easy to lose weight and gain great health with the diet.

The South Beach Diet has 3 phases: each becomes more liberal.

Phase 1:

This is the first 2 weeks of the diet. This is the part of the program, where a lot of dieters would *run away scared* :) but please, don't give up, we believe in you!
"In phase 1 - as a friend said - the diet is focusing on and boosting weight loss and 2 weeks later, you must buy new clothes that won't fall from you."

In this pase you have to cut out all sugar, fruits, high G.I. veggies and processed carbohydrates from your diet. In this 2 weeks time you can lose approximately 8-14lbs!

South Beach Diet phase 1

Phase 2:

The second phase builds on the bases of the first phase, re-introducing most fruits and veggies as well as some whole-grains. It lasts until you wish to lose weight. Your weight loss will slow down, but will not stop.

South Beach Diet - phase 2

Phase 3:
The last phase starts when you're satisfied with your body-weight and lasts for a lifetime. By now, you will understand how your body works and responds to nutritions. There's no specific list of foods what you can or cannot eat. You'll see that by now you won't desire to eat certain foods and you will know/feel what your body (and spirit) need.
In any case, your body-weight tries to creek back up just modify the foods you're eating. You will be able to stabilize and control your weight; You'll be in better shape, you'll gain great health: your blood chemistry will be changing, improving your cardiovascular system.

Throughout the diet you can eat seeds and use them to cook, at a daily doze of 5 ounces (or 15dkgs) from the following list:
almonds, cashews, flax, hazelnuts, macadamia, peanuts, pecans, pine nuts, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, soy nuts, sunflower seeds, walnuts.

South Beach Diet 

Chicken with carrots

-Chicken meat (unskinned)
-1 tomato
-green or yellow pepper (paprika)
-finely chopped parsley and celery
-1 bay leaf (optional)
-1.5 cup of water (375ml)
-salt and pepper :)

Wash the chicken meat and spice it then put it on a piece of aluminium foil (the foil must be big enough to wrap the meat and weggies with). Slice the tomato and the pepper and add them to the meat and wrap them all with the aluminium foil and place it all into a baking tray (tip: put a piece of baking paper into the tray too) then put it in the oven and roast them for about 25mins on medium heat. After 25 minutes, take out the trayfrom the oven and unpack the meat and the veggies from the aluminium foil then put the meat and veggies back again for another 15-25mins - depends on the thickness of the meat and how you prefer the meat to be roasted.
Meanwhile, pour the water into a pan and boil it. Slice the carrots to round or to sticks, then put them into the boiling water and add the parsley the bay leaf and the celery. Boil them together for 3-6mins. When the carrots cooked, pour the water off and remove the leaves.
Serve the carrots togeter with the meat and veggies. Enjoy :)
(tip: you can pick any type of meat for this same recipe and you can add garlic too)


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  1. Sound likes a great diet. Gonna try the chicken with carrots recipe. Thanks!