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Glycemic Index Diet

The G.I. Diet, also known as The Glycemic Index diet or, to be more accurate: the Low Gycemic Index diet is based on the nutrition's G.I. ranks and means their effect on the blood's sugar-level. Everything you eat affects the blood's sugar (glucose) level. This shows,  according to different types of nutrition, how quickly will the sugar level rise and decrease. 
For example: foods, with high G.I. score will be digested rapidly, raising your blood's sugar-level high, then soon after you finished eating, the glucose level will be decreasing quickly and this is the reason why you will be even hungrier soon after you ate.

Unlike the high G.I. score foods, the low G.I. foods are releasing the glucose progressively into the blood, helping to keep your sugar-level balanced and you will feel sated and bellyful

The G.I. Diet

Above, you can see a short version of the foods and their G.I.ranks in three category. Good news is that the Low G.I. diet works for everyone (but of course you must consult with your doctor), there's two things we would give as an advice:
1) Always pick your meals from the Low G.I. foods, pick less from the Medium and only rarely from the High G.I list
2) Don't forget, that eating means *feeding your body*, so do it wisely and don't oversize the portions :)

Since meat and fish don't contain carbs, it is impossible to measure their glycemic index. Their effect on blood sugar-levels are non-significant in the first few hours following your meal, their index are very close to zero, meaning that you can eat them on the diet. 
The soy-foods are ALSO have a low G.I. level !

Milk chocolate and dark chocolate both have low G.I. ranks :D 


-Curd cheese (natural, unsalted flavour)
-Yoghurt (fruit flavoured, low-fat)

Mix them together and serve :) delicious dessert with low G.I, low fat and low calories!

The G.I. Diet

Full disclosure: I'm an affiliate to the Ultimate Guide to the Glycemic Index


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  1. Good to know that milk chocolate and dark chocolate both have low G.I. ranks! Yayyyyy! Thanks for sharing this very helpful and informative article.