Sunday, 16 March 2014

Get Ziked!

Zike Saber Hybrid Bike 
In our modern life when you can do most of your deeds sitting on the couch and not having to lift yourself up to get things done, it is unfortunately causing you to get more lazy and way too comfy. And whilst you can get a gym pass and follow a diet in case the modern life put some extra pounds on you, it is not this easy for your little ones, whom - let's admit - are also getting a bit lazy and maybe they're getting out of shape and the P.E classes can be a nightmare to them.
You cannot just tell them to eat healthy and do a bit of workout... Kids need freedom, they need FUN!

A fabulous way if you send them outside, to play with friends. To make sure that their play time will bring the desired result - that your child will actually
not gonna have a videogaming time with the friends, but he or she will spend it with moving and doing some cardio, they should go on biking, skateboarding or scooter riding.

That is when ZIKE can be a great decision.

Zike Hot Shot Scooter
At first glance, Zike is an interesting hybrid of a mini stepper and a scooter. A stepper bike.
It has two pedals what the kid has to push like it was a stepper, to make the Zike move. This movement boosts the lower body's muscles and provides a fabulous cardio-workout. It increases the heart rate, providing an ideal, moderate-level cardiovascular exercise, just like an aerobic class would do. Believe it or not, riding this awesome scooter burns 600 calories per hour! WOW!

And, if it's not enough yet, let us share the other, positive benefits of Ziking:

  • Posture improves - no back pains as an adult.
  • Joint friendly - it's much easier on joints than running.
  • Improved movement, coordination and balance.
  • Improved lungs capacity - easier and deeper breathing.
  • Burning calories - to help weightloss, or just to help get in better health.

Zike FB9054 Flyby Teal Fancy

See? We're totally amazed. Oh and one important thing: You can do it too. Zike has items that are suitable to adults as well! Fantastic! What are you waiting for? Get up! Get out! Get Ziked!

All of the photos and the video are from Zike.


  1. Thanks for the information regarding this product.

    Rachel Craig

  2. Kids need to play OUTSIDE period
    Zike sounds like the perfect solution to unchain them from their electronic devices!