Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Want To Be An Advanced Paleo Chef?

You love and interested in Paleo Diet, but you're not sure, whether you should follow it or not?
Read and learn everything you ever wanted to know about Paleo Lifestyle. Cooking, writing a grocery list, can vegans follow it?, and more.


End Of Excuses!

You know when you want to start and follow a successful diet, you'll need to do some researches on the basics of the diet. Then of course, you have to face with the fact, that you need to prepare foods, that you may have naver cooked before and have absolutely no idea how to start, what the recipe wants from you and ingredient misery when you don't have a pale purple idea about the needed groceries.
Luckily, there's a lot of useful information out there in the whole wild world wide web and you can easily find useful things regarding your diet, from which you can benefit and learn a lot.
This is what happened to me
today. You know, I'm always trying to learn and evolve in cooking and following Paleo Diet is pretty cool, but when you're out of ideas on what to cook, what ingredients to switch and substitute, you can get a bit disappointed and bored. So, I decided to do a little research and I found an awesome website called: PaleoinAKitchen.com.
Why did I like it? Because it's not only a usual cooking and recipe sharing site, but it offers a full program with FUNDAMENTALS on how to build your knowledge in a completely different way. I read the full page and I thought I give it a go and wow, did I get excited! The course and video is easy to learn and follow. I just switch on the pc and watch it and learn complete new menus that I can apply and later, I can evolve from these too. It tells a lot about Paleo cooking from the basics, so if you're new to it, I recommend it. It also tells a lot about Paleo alternatives and groceries, herbs and green smoothies, so if you're familiar with the diet, you'll still learn a LOT of new things! Like I did.
The program - Paleo In A Kitchen, The Ultimate Caveman Cooking Masterclass - was created and presented by Justin Lord, who's been a Paleo chef for 10 years now.

Justin Lord - Paleo Chef

He teaches us to don’t fear the kitchen and actually get excited as WE WANT to cook. How to write the grocery list and make the shopping easy. Also, he tells us, how to feel ourselves at home in a Paleo Kitchen and to not worry about following the recipe strictly, but to just grab some ingredients and trow a healthy Paleo meal together, feeling completely natural when you can cook anything you want... I like it!

Let me share an awesome video fom him:

Oh wow! Isn't this recipe mouthwatering? Hubby and I sure found it delicious. :D I however, used walnut oil instead of butter.

Justin has created 70+ cooking class videos, like this one above, from which we'll be able to turn from a recipe follower to a fully-fledged paleo cook! I've been making paleo foods for a year now, but I was able to benefit and evolve from his teachings, even though he says it's mostly for beginners and semi-advanced, progressive chefs, I say, you can always learn something new.

Head over to his page, read and listen to what he says. I'm sure you'll be excited! I love the programs and I can only recommend it if you're a beginner cave-cook like I was once, or you're tired and bored over the paleolit diet, or you just need to get some fresh, new inspiration to your Paleo Kitchen, and be able to create menus. :)

Paleo In A Kitchen - Module

Disclosure: We're an affiliate to PaleoInAKitchen

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