Friday, 28 March 2014

Wellness With Grapes

Grape benefits
Grapes has always been a loved fruit. The ancient Romains for example, really admired it and benefitted from its seeds oil, which has an anti-aging effect on the body, inside and out. 
But let's see, what is it with grapes that improves your health?
Grapes are a great source of vitamins A; -B; -C; -E; -F. The grape juice revitalizes your skin. The grape seed's oil nourish your skin and its ground is a popular ingredient in natural peelings.

Grape leaves bath:
Take 2-3 bouquets of grape leaves (no exact amount) and wash them properly. Add them to your warm-hot bath and sink in for about 30-50mins. If you can only
get dried leaves, that is still good. Put them in a wash-bag or into a nylon stocking that you don't use anymore and then soak into the bath. 
You can apply this only for your feet if you wish.

Grape seed body lotion:
2tbsp olive oil (extra virgin)
2tbsp grape seed oil.
File:Glass of grape juice.jpeg
Grape Juice
Mix the two oils and apply the lotion onto your skin, throughout your body, after bath. Massage it well, *deeply* into your skin. The grape seed oil helps your skin's cell membranes to renew.

Beautiful cleavage:
Squeeze out some grape juice, then simply rub-massage it into your skin. 

Note: Please always use bio ingredients - including the grape itself. 

Fresh grape juice foto on wiki

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